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The goal is to provide the audience with input on a chosen topic. Covering important facts and highlights that will stay with the attendees.

This can be delivered in the form of a Panel Discussion, Interview, Public Speak with Q&A, etc.

The purpose of this is to spark conversation so that the audience can learn from it. At YOUbuntu, we are experienced in these discussions and offer the chance to explore related issues with someone who has a lived experience.

The format is usually the same: a few subject matter experts gather on stage or in front of the camera to discuss a specific topic and offer differing perspectives. The panelists share facts or personal experiences, express opinions, and answer audience questions. 

This input serves as the basis for discussion during the session. The idea is to spark or preserve/strengthen interest in the topic of your choosing.

Please discuss with us which of the following topics you would like us to cover.


Length – 2 hours


Length – 2 hours

The 5 W’s in Racism. – Who, What, When, Where and Why
How racism came to be.
How can we do more to create Anti-Racist Attitudes?


Understanding the vocabulary used in communication with others.
Building the knowledge and awareness needed to talk thoughtfully about race and racism.


Length – 2 hours


Length – 2 hours

What does diversity mean?
Recognizing, respecting, and valuing differences based on a wide range of personal, unique characteristics.
Exploring the importance of creating an environment that validates and celebrates everyone.
Shaping how ethnically minoritized people are viewed by society and how they view themselves.


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Involves a single person or a group of people gathered to discuss a chosen topic in front of an audience. Suitable for business or academic conferences, conventions, and live Podcasts. Please ask us for a Quote

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2 Years ago

Helena Boyce

I have seen Helena speak several times and she always knows how to engage with the audience really well. She delivers information well and your guaranteed her way of expression will have someone laughing.

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